Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cover Dogs

When I opened the latest Orvis Dog Book that arrived in the mail a few days ago, I discovered some of the cutest dog photos that I have seen in a while.  Apparently there is an annual Orvis Cover Dog Contest (how could we have missed that announcement?!).    Orvis received over 5,600 entries to the 2009 contest, and they are adorable!  

So cute, right?  So here's some good news...Orvis is currently accepting entries to the 2010 Cover Dog Contest.  For more details and to submit your photo, click here.  I just submitted this photo of Brady...  

To vote for Brady, click here and look for the caption in the middle of the page that says "Vote. Donate. Watch" - there is a link below the caption to vote.  Here's the deal with voting - in addition to having its editors vote for their favorite photos, Orvis is encouraging its readers to vote as well.  Each vote requires a $1 donation to support canine cancer research.  Orvis and Eukanuba Dog Food have teamed up with The Morris Animal Foundation to help find a cure for canine cancer.  With your donation, they can save countless dogs from suffering and premature death.  Orvis and Eukanuba, together, will match each tax-deductible contribution to the Canine Cancer Campaign up to a total of $30,000 - so every dollar you donate will become $2 for Canine Cancer Campaign.  What a great idea!


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