Thursday, April 30, 2009

For the chewer in your life...

Our boys, like many dogs, LOVE to chew things. Unfortunately, cute stuffed toys live a short life in our house. The boys figured out a system early on that enables them to rip open toys and disembowel them in approximately 2.7 seconds. Ok, they're not really that quick, but you get the picture. If we leave them at home with a stuffed toy in their crate, we come home to a crate that looks like the scene of a massive pillow fight - stuffing everywhere.

We still get them stuffed toys from time to time because they love them so much - they'll happily carry around the shell of the toy even after the stuffing has been completely removed. I realize, however, that buying stuffed toys is not the best investment and that these types of toys don't really help out with the chewing tendencies of our two labs. Luckily, we have found several great toys that stand up to the boys' powerful teeth and have long outlasted a variety of other toys that we've tried.

So, who makes these great toys, you ask? A company called Petstages has a wide variety of toys in their Orka line that are ideal for a dog that loves to chew. We've purchased the Orka Bone in both sizes (the small one when the boys were puppies and they have the larger bone now). We also have one of their chew toys called the Barbell Chew, another great find. The toys in the Orka line are made from a durable, non-toxic rubber and feature a variety of textures that allows your dog to exercise his or her jaw muscles while also helping improve dental health. You can read more about the Orka line of toys as well as Petstages' other products on their website.

And where do you find these great toys, you ask? We found our first Orka bone at Target, but you can also purchase them at PetSmart and many other pet shops across the country.

Has anyone else tried a toy from Petstages or found another durable toy for chewers? If so, feel free to share!


  1. Westpaw Hucks and Hurleys are GREAT for the aggressive chewers. Planet Dog also has a few great toys that last longer than most. Caolin and Brodie, although small, are very aggressive chewers too. Stuffed toys last 10 minutes TOPS in our household.

  2. I'll definitely have to look into the Orka line. So far the only thing I've found for Connie and Caesar are the Nylabone Knot bones. ( They're the only ones I've tried that can stand up to their chewing habits for any length of time. I've been having a harder and harder time finding them though and they're around $20 each. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I have a nine month old black lab that love to eat up all of her toys. Thankfully she only goes after her toys. I just found a very fun toy for her at Bass Pro Shop. It's called Premier Pet Products Chuckle Dog Toy. You can place treats or food in it and they have a great time getting the food out. It keeps her entertained for hours. Thanks for all of your tips!
    Your boys are very cute.


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