Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recycle Love

For those of you out there who are involved in a rescue group, have adopted a rescue dog before or just love dogs, I have the perfect gift for you. One of my favorite Etsy sellers (I seem to have a lot of favorites, don't I?), art4milkbones, sells super cute handpainted leash holders, signs and other gifts. One of their featured items for today, Earth Day, is the "Recycle Love" Dog Rescue wood sign. I just bought one to give to my local humane society, the Humane Society of Jackson County. I thought it would be cute to hang in the office or use on adoption days. If you're interested, go visit art4milkbones & order today - in honor of Earth Day, all "green" items in the shop ship for FREE!


  1. Awhh.. Thanks for mentioning us! :)

  2. love your blog...we rescued two dogs...a walker hound, and a pit. truly loved them both. now we have an incredible english lab who is the sweetest thing EVER.
    cheers to the pups

  3. Thanks for reading & telling me about your pups! I hope to add a rescue dog to our family someday. If I can only convince my husband that we need 3...


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