Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heave Hose

Ok, for those of you wondering where to find the bright orange throw toy that Brady had in his mouth in my last post, here's the scoop...

If you're in the market for a durable toy that's easy to throw, easy for your dog to see and will float, the Heave Hose Fire Hose Bumper (made from recycled fire hose material) from Katie's Bumpers is the toy for you. We found ours at a dog boutique in Asheville, NC last summer, but if you haven't seen this toy in your local shop, you can order one online at the Katie's Bumper's website. This toy is a great for retrievers, especially those that love the water.
Keep in mind, however, if you have tough chewers like we do, that you should probably take the Heave Hose away from your pup once playtime is over. At around $20 for the big dog version, you probably don't want to be replacing it often (or collecting pieces of fire hose from around your house).


  1. Let's see if my comment works this time :)

    On a separate note, Coco & Tag destroy EVERYTHING we give them....so they have been deprived as of late because they rip every single toy up and I was tired of wasting money. Any other suggestions for uber durable toys?

  2. Cute toy - I think Sophie would love it. Bailey is "too cool" for toys.

    I tagged your blog for a cool award - check out my latest post for details!

  3. Ash - I do have some suggestions for durable chew toys - keep an eye out for an upcoming post!

  4. Thanks Ellie! Going to check out your latest post now!


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