Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On the road again...

This may be my last post for the week...if it ends up that way, I apologize ahead of time and promise to have many fun posts to make up for it next week. My husband and I are headed out bright and early tomorrow morning to drive up to Charlottesville, Virginia for the weekend. This year marks my 5 year college reunion, and we are headed back to UVa to celebrate with many of my college friends. If you've never been to Charlottesville, you're missing out - beautiful horse farms and the Blue Ridge mountains, amazing restaurants, fun events and, of course, The University. Yes, I'll admit that like many UVa grads I am biased, but I do think that the University of Virginia is the best there is. Anyway, where was I going with this...oh yes, traveling...

[Source: Kristjan Pom, Sydney Morning Herald]

We will not be taking the boys with us this weekend - they'll be staying with their uncle who is sure to give them plenty of exercise, love and attention while we're gone, so we don't need to worry about finding pet-friendly accomodations on this trip. We will, however, be on the lookout for pet-friendly destinations in the future, and on that note, I wanted to pass along another great online resource - If you get a minute while I'm gone, go check out the site, and when I return, I'll point out some of the great features it has to offer.


  1. I am beyond sad I can't a Bel Air sandwich (or 9) and a Bodos bagel (or 12) for me!!!

  2. Have fun, I hope you don't miss the boys too much! I've passed on the "one lovely blog" award to you :)


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