Monday, June 29, 2009

The Perfect Sporting Collar

Ok, so I would not necessarily call our dogs "sporting dogs". They are great retrievers, but they don't go hunting. I'm not a big fan of hunting, but that's another topic. We're talking about collars today. About a year ago, my husband and I made a random stop by PetSmart and picked up a pair of collars made by Remington that have become our "go-to" collars. {Side note - I may have mentioned this collar before, but I can't remember. If I have, it's worth mentioning twice - we just bought two more of these collars for the boys because they're that great}

Let me introduce the 1" Remington Reflexite Collar. This collar is made from double-ply reflective nylon in safety orange that makes dogs more visible both in the day and at night (especially because the reflexite strip reflects oncoming light). Because our boys are dark brown, they have a habit of disappearing when it gets dark outside. The safety orange and the reflective strip on this collar have helped us locate them in the dark on many occasions (and we have found this to be particularly helpful when camping). They also love to roll around in dirt, wet grass and anything smelly (rolling in smelly things may be Cooper's favorite outdoor activity), so finding a collar that is both durable and easy to wash was a necessity for us. The Remington Reflexite Collar meets both of these requirements. I'll admit, while safety orange is not my favorite color and certainly wouldn't be my first choice at picture time, when it comes to everyday wear, I think this collar is a great find.


  1. Hey--our greatest issue is that one dog chews the collar off the other dog. You think it will hold up?

  2. We have that problem too. The boys love to grab each other by the collar when they're wrestling. I think that the nylon on this collar would hold up pretty well to chewing (although I doubt it's indestructable). The only thing that may wear more easily is the reflective strip on the collar. Good news is the collars are fairly inexpensive (we got a 22" for $12.99 at PetSmart), so it may be worth a try!


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