Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Pet Boutique Blog

Happy Hump Day! My last few weeks of work have been shorter than usual with holidays and Fridays off here and there, so this week seems like it's going last forever - luckily we've already made it to Wednesday, so maybe it won't be that bad...

I did log on to my computer to find some good news for Brown Dog Boutique this morning - we've been featured on a great new blog - The Pet Boutique Blog! If you haven't stumbled upon this great resource yet, venture on over right now. The Pet Boutique Blog features links and stories about a ton of great sellers of products for both pets and pet lovers. Now rather than spending hours searching and sifting through the listings on Etsy or the web, you can head over to The Pet Boutique Blog and browse through many different items in one place. To read the feature on Brown Dog Boutique, click here. Many thanks to The Pet Boutique Blog!

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