Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brinkley is Coming to Visit!

The boys are beyond excited (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, I'm not actually sure if they understand it when I'm telling them, but I like to pretend) that their cousin Brinkley is coming to visit this weekend!

Brinkley is a mixed breed that my sister adopted from a shelter in Auburn, Alabama while she was in college (he now lives with my parents in Virginia and has the run of the house and a huge fenced in backyard). We think he may be part Rhodesian Ridgeback, but there's no telling.

[Look how little the boys are! Just wait until you see pictures of the 3 of them now!]

It's pretty funny when the three dogs get together. Brinkley is so used to being an only dog, that it usually takes him a little while to get adjusted to our big hyper boys. Last time we were up at my parents' house we took the three boys to the park and ours jumped in the lake within minutes (ever since they discovered the water, we haven't been able to keep them out of it!). We could tell that Brinkley wanted to go swimming with them, but he was afraid to venture far enough out to where he couldn't stand. I think we may try to take a trip to our favorite park, Elachee Nature Center this weekend to see if we can get him in the water. Many pictures from the weekend visit to follow!


  1. I almost forgot that my little boy (to me he still is) is coming to visit this weekend! I'm so excited to see him! Brinks has never been a big fan of swimming, so good luck getting him in there with the water rats. I tried when he was a puppy but he only likes to be ankle deep! Can't wait to see all 3 boys together :)


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