Friday, July 10, 2009

Calling all Pawsengers

{Photo courtesy CNN & Midwest Airlines}

As we take off for yet another weekend out of town this summer, my mind turns again to the topic of pets & travel. The writers over at must have had the same idea, because they posted "More Airlines Embracing Furry Travelers" this afternoon. In their article, CNN highlights both Midwest Airlines (an airline that allows some "celebrity" dogs to travel in their own seats) and Pet Airways, the nation's first-ever pet-only airline.

{Click here to visit Pet Airways}

The story behind Pet Airways is really cute, and I highly suggest clicking here to read the story on the airline's website. While you're there, make sure to check out all of the great features that Pet Airways has to offer. If you choose to have your pet fly on Pet Airways, upon your arrival at the airport, your pet (also referred to as a "pawsenger") is first checked in at the Pet Lounge. During the flight, pets travel in the passenger cabin of the aircraft and are checked on every 15 minutes by a Pet Attendant. Nervous parents can even track their pet's flight on the Pet Airlines website!

Starting this month, Pet Airways will be flying in 5 major cities with fares as low as $149 each way according to the Pet Airway's website. How cool is that?


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