Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Yes and a No

You guessed it! It's time for another product review. After spending three days with three very large and rather rambunctious dogs (Brady, Cooper & their cousin Brinkley), I am able to offer you a review of two more Petstages dog toys. As I've said before, I love dog toys by Petstages. The people at Petstages have developed a number of great toys for chewers, and they also offer a variety of well-made interactive toys as well.

When my parents came to visit this past weekend, my mom brought a new toy for the three boys to try out - the Hearty Chew (show below). This interesting contraption proved to be a favorite for both chewing and a rowdy three-way game of tug-of-war. The ball in the middle is soft, yet durable as are the ropes that extend out of each side. The three boys played with this toy for hours, and I have a feeling that it will quickly become a favorite of the boys.

We purchased the second Petstages toy (shown below) a few weeks ago. Called the Good Tug, this toy (made with super thick cotton rope) seemed like it would be a great one for the boys, given the fact that they love to play tug-of-war with Cooper's favorite football. I assumed that since it was made for playing tug-of-war it would be a durable, long-lasting toy, capable of withstanding the strong jaws of our two labs. Granted, this toy is listed as an "interactive" toy rather than a "chewing" toy, but I still would have thought that the plastic balls located on either end of the toy would have lasted longer than 30 minutes. Not so much. Cooper quickly chewed through the outer plastic, requiring me to cut off all remaining plastic from the toy. Yes, they can still play with the rope, but we soon realized that the two plastic balls are in place to keep the center piece from sliding off the ends of the rope. Fatal design error? Probably not, but I'd like to think they could develop a better design for future tug-of-war toys.

Overall conclusion? Definitely buy the Hearty Chew but I wouldn't waste your money on the Good Tug if you have chewers in your house.


  1. B-dog has the hearty chew... it's lasted four months so far!

  2. Odie had the Hearty Chew and devoured it in about a month as a puppy. He could get the knots untied and even though the Hubster and I tried our best to keep them tied so the ropes would stay in place, he was too smart for us and ended up with frayed ropes and a ball that he somehow split in two right up the middle. He loves rope and can have a rope toy untied and dismantled before the Hubster and I even know what is going on! Needless to say no more rope toys in our house.


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