Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cooper and his cookies

In preparation for Pet Fest this weekend, the boys and I decided to bake some of their favorite treats last night. We're planning to give away free treats to everyone who stops by the Brown Dog Boutique booth on Saturday. As usual, Cooper was my taste-tester - as soon as I got out my mixer, he was by my side, and he was quick to let me know that he wanted to taste the dough to make sure the treats were edible. For a dog that doesn't usually bark, he has become very vocal in the kitchen when the mixer and cookie sheets come out. Fortunately, I think he approved each batch that came out of the oven, and we were able to check off one more thing from our "to do" list for Pet Fest!


  1. Aww, Cooper... good boy! I can only imagine all the help you received. lol
    Best of luck with Pet Fest this weekend! I look forward to your report on all that happens there!

  2. Thank you! I'll definitely take pictures!

  3. Very nice. Love the cookies and great pictures!


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