Friday, May 29, 2009

The Salty Dog

My favorite time of year is summer and my favorite place on earth is by the ocean (preferably the Outer Banks of NC), so it is only fitting that my favorite magazine is Coastal Living. Sadly, I don't live anywhere near the ocean, but the pictures and articles in Coastal Living help transport me, if only temporarily, to some of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the world.

A few days ago, I was browsing the Coastal Living website, and I came across a few great articles that highlight important tips for enjoying the summer with your favorite four-legged friends. To read the articles in full on the Coastal Living website, click here and use the search term "dog". For those of you too lazy to venture over there, I'll summarize a few of the tips for you:

(1) When traveling, try to locate dog-friendly lodging, parks, lakes and beaches.

(2) Make sure that your dog is wearing ID tags at ALL times. When traveling, be sure the ID tag includes your cell phone number so that you can be reached in case of emergency.

(3) Remember that dogs - especially those with short hair or fair skin - can sunburn (I know, I would not have thought of this either), so be sure to apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 to your dog's nose and ears (and any other sensitive areas) before heading out for a long day in the sun.

(4) Try to take your dog outside in the early morning or late afternoon - times when the sun is not at its peak and temperatures are more moderate.

(5) If you head out with your dog in the heat, make sure that your dog has plenty of water and has a nice, shady place to rest out of the sun. Dogs can easily overheat (remember, they don't sweat like humans do) and are susceptible to heat stroke, too.

(6) If your dog loves to swim, let them enjoy the water - but be sure to take precautions. If you're taking your dog on a boat, invest in a doggie life jacket (if you're in the market for one - check out Backcountry K9 - and be sure to use discount code 5HSJC to receive 5% off your order!). If you're near the ocean, be sure to watch out for rip currents and never force your pup into deep water.

(7) When you're around an area where people are fishing, keep an eye out for fish hooks, nets and other items that may injure your dog.

(8) When you come home from a day out in the sun and sand, rinse off your dog with fresh water to get rid of the sand and salt water, paying close attention to your dog's paws, and be sure to towel dry their ears to prevent infection.

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  1. Its good to see someone is watching out for our little furry buddies!
    I hope lots of people read this or atleast know about the ways to keep pups safe :)


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